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Ghanaian Gospel musician TK Zion out with new single “I Will Follow Him”

Ghanaian Gospel musician TK Zion out with new single “I Will Follow Him”


TK ZION, the gospel musician and Evangelist, known in real life as Mr. TK Amenyah, has released a new spirit-filled single,  “I Will Follow Him”, in which he featured Pepertual Tsahey also know in showbiz circles as Perppy, 2019 National Gospel Music Awards Female Vocalist winner.

The song was recorded and mixed at Throne Room Studio, by Emmanuel Mantey popularly known as Bishop Mantey.

According to TK ZION, the inspiration to write this song came after the President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump, and the President of the Republic of Ghana President Nana Addo’s declaration of National Day of Prayer, to seek God’s healing hand to be placed on those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

TK ZION explained further that he had a revelation that, God heard the fasting and prayers that were made, but it is now left for us to follow the prophetic direction that came. According to the revelation of the gospel musician, H. E. President Nana Addo has made a great attempt to receive Devine intervention from God to eliminate the challenges that Ghana faces financially, including the COVID-19 pandemic, by the laying of the foundation for the construction of the National Cathedral (New Temple) with the stone from Israel, which fulfils the Biblical prophecy in Haggai 2:9

But due to the bloodshed on our land which is continuously before the nation Ghana in the spiritual realms, as represented in our national flag as ‘Red’, keeps holding back our heavenly supply. This is the same reason why God never allowed David to build him the Former Temple.

[ 1 Chronicles 28:2-3]

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In view of this, God has instructed that the flag of Ghana should be changed. According to TK ZION, the new flag of Ghana is almost the same as that of Israel, just that, that of Ghana has the Black Star of the African Freedom in its heart. God has chosen Ghana as a light to the world, and through Ghana, God is about to liberate the African continent.

[ Isaiah 65:1 ] [ Isaiah 60:3 ]

TK ZION in his final words concluded by reminding everyone of the second coming of theLORD Jesus Christ, and therefore the need for everybody to repent and be saved.He also asked Ghanaians to support our President with prayers in these hard times, emphasizing the need that Ghanaians should follow the Word of the LORD that has come whiles we do everything possible to change our National flag, just like how South Africa and Canada did, so that Ghana will embrace this new era of prosperity and Gods blessings.


“I WILL FOLLOW HIM” by TK ZION is available at YouTube, and all online music stores.

Email :fredamenyah@gmail.com

Wasup :+233 (0) 208 360 505

Mobile : +233 (0) 556 408 010




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